Liposculpt AC

Liposculpt AC

Biologique Recherche
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Contour and figure body cream.

Liposculpt AC is the ultimate slimming product, reducing cellulite and toning your body. With powerful ingredients, it targets both adipose and aqueous cellulite, eliminating fat deposits and excess water.

Results: Up to 1.0 cm lost on waist and thigh. Firmer, smoother skin. Reduces dimpled appearance. Ideal for daily massage for body reshaping. Suitable for localized curves or cellulite in Skin Instants©. Tested on 20 women aged 19-50 for 56 days, proven effective by measurement.


  1. Apply morning and evening to target areas (stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs, arms) with upward movements.
  2. Massage in cream with Biologique Recherche's Gant de Massage Corps.
Precaution: Not for use on children under 3. External use only.