Skin Instant® Lab

This  is a skin analysis system designed to take an in-depth snapshot of your skin and monitor changes over time. This allows us to diagnose your skin and customize a skincare  and a skin treatments plan for you.

Skin Instant® Lab consists of five probes connected to a computer equipped with diagnosis and analysis software specially developed by Biologique Recherche. The probes are used to gather measurements to determine:

  •  Moisture Content, measured by Corneometry (skin hydration)
  • Insensible Water Loss (IWL) also known as Transepidermal Water Loss (TRWL), the measure of the efficiency of the lipid barrier
  • Skin Elasticity or the skin’s ability to regain its original shape after distortion, measured by cutometry
  • Skin Melanin Index, an “absorption” measurement to monitor changes in pigmentation marks
  • Sebum Content, measured by photometry.