Advanced Medical Facial

Advanced Medical Facial

At Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga we incorporate Dermaplaning with Vivier Peel.
 to address a variety of different skin concerns.
The Vivier Peel has 5 STAR Anti-Aging Ingredients that are uniquely combined and formulated:(10% Lactic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid, 14% Resorcinol)

Helps encourage cell turnover
Helps to smooth and soften skin

Provides gentle exfoliation
Improves condition and appearance of skin
Helps dessolve debris in pores that cause blackheads and acne breakouts

Stimulates collagen formation
Effective exfoliator

Anti-aging benefits
Function as "messengers" and in skin care, have cell-communicating abilities
Wound healing and skin-barrier repair benefits

Helps with wound healing and acne
Soothes, softens and moisturizes skin
A form of alcohol created by Vitamin B5

Dermaplaning and  a Vivier Peela is new combination of treatments. The exfoliation process is fool-proof and overall,  Dermaplaning the skin is a great way to treat your face before a facial as it really enhances the absorption of peel since it removes the dead skin cells and stimulates the surface of the skin, skin formulations are absorbed more efficiently and results are remarkably improved with this added benefit. And don’t be afraid that the hair will grow in thicker. It won’t. Only flawless skin will be revealed!

Advanced Medical  facials are used to improve a wide variety of skin conditions that include fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, freckling, age spots, scaring, and help eliminate blackheads. Treatments stimulate production of collagen and improve the elasticity of skin resulting in smooth, supple and vibrant skin for a youthful and radiant glow. Advanced Medical facials also improve the tone, texture, smoothness and appearance of skin. This medical peel on a periodic basis helps to maintain skin health and appearance.


At Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga we always suggest combining other treatments for best results. Several factors may influence the decision to which treatment is selected.  Factors such as cost, time, convenience, skin type and previous treatments are all important. To make sure our treatments address your individual concerns, all treatments begin with a consultation. We are a results-led clinic and your treatment coordinator will recommend an individual treatment protocol to meet your needs.
Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Advanced Medical Aesthetician to see how we can enhance your beauty with Advanced Medical Facial Treatments at Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga.

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