Can You Orgasm Your Way To Better Skin?

In the ‘90s, Researcher David Weeks studied 3,500 people and found that women who had three orgasms a week looked, on average, 10 years younger than those who only had two. Furthermore, recent studies prove that female orgasm releases hormones that benefit skin (like estrogen, which helps maintain collagen ), lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone that can wreak havoc on skin), and boosts blood circulation, which stimulates and repairs collagen. Let's start to think of orgasming as a really, really fun version of retinol.

Dame Products engineers for sexual wellness by building welcoming community, designing innovative tools, and bringing life-changing education to your bedroom.
Founded by sexologist Alexandra Fine and engineer Janet Lieberman, the innovative, cute and highly pleasurable Dame Products strive to close the Pleasure Gap - the disparity in satisfaction that people with vulvas experience in the bedroom, versus their cis male counterparts. 
Made by women for women, the brand's first product, the Eva became the most crowdfunded sex toy in history. Using medical grade silicone, which is inert and non-porous, Dame offers the best quality and and concepts on the market.