Hyperpigmentation Program

Hyperpigmentation Program

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Regain your natural healthy glow with Vivier's Hyperpigmentation Program. This complete, medical-grade collection of products uses 2% Hydroquinone, known to be effective for lightening dark spots, for astonishing results that can be achieved in just 4 minutes a day. From mild to severe dark spots, erase years of skin damage for a brighter and even complexion.

- Medicated Wash
- Exfoliant Forte
- Advanced Skin Lightening Serum
- Retinol 1% Night Complex
- Corrector 2
- Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 45
- And finally, an elegant bag to carry/store them all.

This Hyperpigmentation Program offers a 3-phase approach to restore your skin to its natural brilliance and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

  • Cleanse and Detox: During the first 6 weeks, you may notice a purging/detoxification effect before your skin starts to rejuvenate.
  • Experience the Transformation: During weeks 7 to 12, you should see a visible discoloration reduction.
  • Maintenance to Keep Skin Healthy and Strong: Finally, you'll enter the maintenance phase to ensure your skin stays healthy and strong.  It is important to continue to wear an SPF 30+ to maintain results.