"Enriching & Revitalizing"

Biologique Recherche Renovateur 14 serum combines beautifully with Complex Royal for instant radiance and glow. The blend of specific, regenerating, energizing and moisturizing active ingredients in these two serums restores the skin's beauty. They can be used either alone or together and leave the complexion genuinely renewed. They are recommended for devitalized skin.

Excellent when used with COMPLEXE ROYAL : apply a few drops of Rénovateur 14 and COMPLEXE ROYAL on the face, neck and cleavage in the morning and/ or in the evening having previously cleaned the skin with the recommended LOTION P50T Two combinations are possible.

  • For a luminous, golden complexion: apply Rénovateur 14 first, and then Complexe Royal.
  • For a luminous, opaline complexion: apply Complexe Royal first and then Rénovateur 14.

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