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Microdermabrasion at Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga is the most effective and comprehensive skin peel treatments available in Burlington and Mississauga. The HydroPeel microdermabrasion uses gentle ultrasound waves and energy to micro-abrade and smoothen the surface of your skin.

The gentle HydroPeel ultrasound waves lift off the stratum corneum (outer dead cell layer of your skin), creating a smoother, and more youthful skin surface. By reducing the thickness of the top layer of your skin, or the stratum corneum, your skin will not only be smoother, but will also be improved by helping to reduce blackhead, white head and sebaceous plugs, all of which contribute to Acne Breakouts and poor quality skin. The

HydroPeel Microdermabrasion, with its cavitational ultrasound, is an effective tool to melt and reduce sebaceous plugs in Acne Treatments.
After a single treatment, your skin will feel smoother and have an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow.  Continued treatment will minimize the appearance of a variety of skin care concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, congested skin, super dry and dehydrated skin, large pores and blemishes.

 At Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga, we always suggest combining other treatments for best results. Several factors may influence the decision to which treatment is selected.  Factors such as cost, time, convenience, skin type and previous treatments are all important. To make sure our treatments address your individual concerns, all treatments begin with a consultation. We are a results-led clinic and your treatment coordinator will recommend an individual treatment protocol to meet your needs.

Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Advanced Medical Aesthetician to see how we can enhance your beauty with HydroPeel Treatments at Heritage Way Medical Spa Burlington and Mississauga.

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